Rewire Through Wellness
Struggling with bloating, low energy, not feeling your best? This program is designed to get you back into balance. Learn how to nourish your body with this all inclusive program. Receive a bonus meal plan, a bonus workout plan, a bonus detox plan, as well as special gift box that will take your well being to the next level.
Fitness Training From the Ground Up
Safe, customized, science proven fitness plans. Get guidance and support, learn how to workout efficiently and correctly so you can achieve your fitness goals. Book a call with our experts. So you can loose, weight, decrease inflammation and feel stronger.
Online Training
Connect Mind, Body, and Spirit with customized workouts and dance classes
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A way of eating + living that involves self awareness, consciousness + consistency to thrive in your personal health.


Fitness is a way of life. Its activity, motion, movement. It’s detox, sweat, and flow. It’s making time just for you to release, let go, feel good.

Arts Therapy

An area where you can find healing, nurturing, balance, and insight when making these lifestyle changes within yourself.


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Who We Are.

Abstract Avocado is a team of professional health practitioners and fitness trainers who are passionate about bringing you the best and simplest meal plans, workouts and wellness services.

Our main focus is to provide you an easier way to implement good nutrition in your busy life and see how to have fun during your sweat outs. Whether you are looking to get back in shape, competing in the next Ironman, or having the desire to feel and look good on any stage, we offer professional, insightful coaching to suit your needs and achieve your goals. 

Get back to feeling energized, strong, and feeling your best.

“The greatest wealth is health.” ~Virgil.


Easy and convenient. online and in-person sessions for groups and individuals.

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Work with our passionate team of coaches, trainers, healers, and nutritionists.

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