Antonya Raymond


An advocate for health, movement and healing, Antonya has created the Abstract Avocado platform to inspire, educate, and build community to support one another in raising consciousness on the importance of wellness and self care.

Graduating from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, BC, she received a
Holistic Orthomolecular Specialist designation after completing the Applied Nutrition Program
in 2017. Studying the art of dance for the past 14 years, instructing for the past 10 years, her love for art, movement and music is deep and profound. Training clients in their fitness has helped her to learn how to work with all ages, health needs and fitness levels. Through her education and experience she has studied the structure of living a healthy life and strongly believes that the key to maintaining optimal health is through eating wholesome food, thinking wholesome thoughts, and striving to always live legendary everyday.

Antonya’s mission is to create a welcoming, informative, heath oriented space where anyone can receive support and guidance from her and her team. Creating tailored program that promotes longevity and balance for her clients through wholefood, plant-based diets, movement focused growth, one-on-one work. People are her passion and helping others find awareness through what they eat, how they move through a holistic approach, is one of her greatest joys.