12 Days of Well Being

Young woman covered by white blanket with tea

The essence of feeling well!

If you are feeling a little lost in your health, you may be in the right spot. 

It’s time to get back in touch with your health and the best part is you don’t have to do it on your own! 

Tap back into your fitness, your nutrition, your wellness and feel good in your body this 2023. 

Through nourishing food, creative, fun workouts and soothing wellness integrations. 

Gain new perspective of your health, and rekindle your relationship with food, fitness and self care

💚The 12 Days includes:💚

  🍄 Daily mini wellness tasks sent out daily, to open your day with a positive heart and mind. 🍄

  🛍 An in-season Nutrition Plan + Recipe Book +Grocery List. 🛍

  💪  New weekly workouts, so you can stay motivated and get closer to your goals. 💪

  👀 Get access my private coaching app to track progress, log workouts get support, and keep learning. 🏋

  🌟  Access to weekly coaching & accountability. 🌟

 🎉  Awesome prizes at the end based on progress/effort. 🎉

🏆  Weekly mini challenges to keep you focused & win additional prizes.🏆

~  12 Days of reset  ~


...in starting this wellness journey!

Receive your 7 day meal plan now.