What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition is a way of eating + living that involves self awareness, consciousness + consistency to thrive in your personal health.

Increasing the amount of whole, raw, organic, locally grown, and lessening the refined, processed, and packaged foods commonly used in many diets. Seeing where your food came from; how it was grown, how it gets from your grocery store to your table, and how you prepare your food, all play a huge role in enhancing your well-being towards optimal health and achieving equilibrium in the body, mind + spirit.

As a result of globalization, we live in a world with much abundance and freedom of choice, where we experience both excitement and indulgence for certain foods. Foreign trade allows us to share uncommon foods + products that are outside of our local farms which can result in low dense nutrient content. Seeing how our agriculture has changed over the last fifty years from small, locally owned to mass production, we find our food losing its natural state of nutrition (or we find our food losing its quality over quantity). As you step into this journey of learning how food interacts with your body you begin to understand its energy is what fuels our energy.

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